Activists demand to check the facts of cooperation of the mayor of Odessa with organized crime groups Galanternik of Angert

Активисты требуют проверить факты сотрудничества мэра Одессы с ОПГ Галантерника-Ангерта

According to the journalists, Tandem Trukhanov and Galanternik went ahead and supposedly captures a military airfield.

Activists of some public organizations require to verify the cooperation of the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov and his party with an organized criminal grouping of Alexander Angert and his partner Vladimir Galanternik.

This is stated in the investigation, “the Scheme of criminal gangs of Odessa, which is closely linked to the city power”.

The investigation was jointly conducted by the journalists of “Ukrainian information service”, with the support of the Odessa “7th channel”. According to journalists, the result was revealed numerous instances of assistance to the city authorities Vladimir Galanternik in the misappropriation of city property, including several hundred acres of land in the coastal zone and in the parks, ensuring repair of private property over the means of the city budget and even in the privatization of a whole town square.

“For example, the same Starosennaya square was privatized by the so-called “toilet circuit”, when the owner of a small premises in 20 sq m asks the local authority first to pay him rent, and then to the redemption area in the floor ha. When the “right” support of local authorities, the disparity between desires and asking for his actual ownership is not taken into account. Later already on private property to build houses, shopping centers or booths for trading. And all this is crowned by the alleged reconstruction for the benefit of citizens. In this case also most of the commercial structures built at the expense of the city budget”, – stated in the investigation.

Interviewed by journalists, lawyers recognize that to implement such a scheme without the full cooperation of the city authorities allegedly Vladimir Galanternik couldn’t. But if we were talking only about the public land, it would be the usual corruption.

According to the journalists, Tandem Trukhanov and Galanternik went ahead and supposedly captures a military airfield.

“40 people have captured a military airfield “School” in Odessa. The airfield is still blocked. Part of the territory occupied by private structures belonging to the so-called company “City”, – said the people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada.

On the site of the airfield is expected to grow a new residential area of Airport. Its in March 2015, provided the city Council under the leadership of the same Gennady Trukhanov the new General Plan of Odessa.

“The city government gave the company Galanternik about 90 Hectares for development, including part of the territory of a military airfield. To imagine that to remain a military airfield with a runway, is based there with fighters, interceptors, and missile systems in a residential district very difficult. Just the airfield obstrelivaya skyscrapers by the decision of the city government, actually grabbing land that does not belong to them”, – said the expert Oleg Mikhailik

Today in the courts of Odessa is considered more than a dozen cases of corruption scandals that allegedly implicated the Odessa city authorities. While activists continue to bring to law enforcement authorities information about alleged illegal activities of a criminal gang headed by Galanternik, the political wing, which is headed by, according to the journalists, the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov.