Actor Mikhail Yefremov made a drunken accident in Moscow

Актер Михаил Ефремов устроил пьяное ДТП в Москве

Car Ephraim crossed the “double line” and went into the oncoming lane.

Famous actor Mikhail Efremov was in an accident on Smolensky Boulevard in Moscow. His car went into the oncoming lane and collided with moving towards the car. The time of the accident was caught on video.

According to BAZA, the actor at the time of the accident was drunk. As told the witnesses of the accident, the actor was in a deranged state.

The driver of the car that crashed into a car Yefremov, was seriously injured. He had a closed craniocerebral injury and broken ribs on both sides. As reported by Mash, 58-year-old Sergei Zakharov was able to revive in the car, the ambulance, and then taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky with multiple injuries.

If injured through the fault of the actor, the driver was seriously injured, then Ephraim faces a criminal case under article 264 of the criminal code.

To support Ephraim after the accident came the members of his family. According to BAZA, together with Mikhail Efremov in the car were two passengers: actor Ivan stebunov and his wife Elena Vlasova.