Actor Porechenkov caught retribution for his despicable actions in the Donbas

Актера Пореченкова настигла расплата за его мерзкие поступки на Донбассе

Famous Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov caught in a difficult situation, the Representative of the Russian cinema, who went to Donbass to support the terrorists, was in a difficult situation. Self-sufficient and self-righteous patriot “LDNR” is no longer needed in the cinema of Russia.

One Russian newspaper reported difficulties with the participation of Porechenkov it in Russian movie.

“I began to withdraw from the role, says the actor – already approved projects. I just reported that the role was given to another person. All. At first I thought that it was a coincidence. Then it repeated over and over again. Then I started to look where the strings are and who produces the project. Everything fell into place. What to do,” complains “brave shooter” on the Ukrainian positions after he violated all legal rules of crossing the Ukrainian border and were in the zone of ATO in the Donbass, and not just so, and with combat arms.

Such, according to Russian media, periodically comes to all who walked on the territory of Donbass with a machine gun and fired in the direction of the Ukrainian positions. Interestingly, the patriot “LDNR” Porechenkov, despite his love for the Kremlin, came to Russia under the sanctions, which are similar to the Ukrainian response to the actor.

It turns out that Russian cinema, as well as Ukraine, covers “a great patriot and artist “LDNR” and Russia” oxygen. Ukraine is ready to judge him as a terrorist, and Russia made it so that it is no longer needed as an actor or any other person on the set.

It remains either to change my appearance, name, registration and start from “scratch” or like a Wrestler from the eponymous film by Darren Aranofsky, to go to serve the Housewives in a supermarket. Wearing the mask to the eyes and to the eyebrows to pull the cap seller.