Actress Anne Hathaway for the second time become a mother: the magic star photos

Актриса Энн Хэтэуэй во второй раз станет мамой: волшебное фото звезды

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman are preparing for the replenishment of the family. The couple soon a second time become parents.

About it the actress said on his official page in Instagram. Anne Hathaway published black-and-white selfie, which appeared with a rounded stomach. A photo of your reflection in the mirror pregnant actress did, wearing a short dress.

It’s not for a movie. Well, joking, I want to say to all who passed through the hell of unsuccessful attempts to conceive through infertility that none of my ways to become a mother was not easy,
– admitted to Anne Hathaway.

According to the photos, 36-year-old actress is in the last months of pregnancy. While the stars do not give comments to journalists, only Reaffirming the fact that the pregnant Anne Hathaway.

Who’s Anne Hathaway?Hollywood actress who debuted on television in 1999 in the TV series “Be yourself.” Worldwide fame Anne Hathaway brought another film, the romantic Comedy “the Princess diaries” (The Princess Diaries). In addition, star has starred in popular films: “Sea of temptation” (Serenity), “Alice in Wonderland” (Alice in Wonderland), “Rachel getting married” (Rachel Getting Married), “Love and other drugs” (Love & Other Drugs), “One day” (One Day), “interstellar” (Interstellar) “Intern (The Intern). At 36 years old Anne Hathaway can boast considerable success, because she is the owner of popular awards, including Oscar and Golden globe.

As for his personal life, then Anne Hathaway in 2012, she married the popular actor Adam Shulman. 24 March 2016, the Hollywood couple was born a son, whom lovers was named Jonathan rose banks.