Actress Jennifer garner almost died on vacation: details – 24 Channel

Акторка Дженніфер Гарнер ледь не загинула на відпочинку: деталі - 24 Канал

Hollywood actress Jennifer garner with her daughter went on vacation. The star chose a cozy Sweden for travel. However, the trip could have ended fatally for American women.

Jennifer garner told a terrible story that could have ended tragically. The ex-wife of Ben Affleck with a 12-year-old daughter violet decided to try extreme sport – kayaking. However, during entertainment Jennifer garner got lost and surfaced in the shipping area.

We got lost on the kayak? So. We had a long swim and was in the shipping area? I’m afraid so. We were saved? Fortunately, so,
– posted by Jennifer garner.


According to the actress, helped to save the tourists champion in kayaking Matthias. He is a member of the rescue team and helped Jennifer garner and her daughter to return to shore.

“Jennifer garner was almost killed in the waters of Stockholm with my daughter. Matthias went in search of them. Fortunately, they swam too far and they managed to save,” wrote the representatives of the rescue service.


Who is Jennifer garner?
Popular American actress who starred in the films “13 going on 30,” “ELEKTRA, “pearl Harbor” “Ghosts of ex girlfriends”, “Daredevil”, “Miracles from heaven”, “Delaski buyers club”, “the Invention of lying” and dozens of others. In 2005 Jennifer garner for the second time has married. Her lover was Hollywood handsome Ben Affleck. However, in 2017, the couple announced the divorce.Jennifer with their three daughters.

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