Acura introduced the tests the “charged” crossover (VIDEO)

Acura вывела на тесты «заряженный» кроссовер (ВИДЕО)

The tracks “drayverskogo sedan” firm can produce the same SUV.

Return to the camp of the producers of sportsedanov Acura celebrated recently, presenting the next generation TLX: cityradio got a brand new platform, reinterpreted by a set of motors and a “hot” version of the Type S.

Technical components of the TLX sedan traditionally shares with crossover MDX: the SUV uses the same platform and engines. Recently, the prototype crossover of the new generation caught the eye of photospin that in spite of the heavy camouflage seen in the prototype with some interesting details. For example, the design of the exhaust system of a car very similar to the exhaust TLX Type S, and this suggests that Acura will not only “hot” sedan, but also a very quick crossover.

It is likely that MDX Type S will be equipped with the same engine that was announced for chetyrehdverki. Its impact has not yet officially named, but it is assumed that a three-litre V6 turbo will be able to develop up to 400 HP and 500 Nm of torque.

But that’s not all. Leaked slide from an internal presentation Acura dealers that clearly demonstrates the strategy of the development of Type S. It not only confirms the intention of the company to release the “charged” crossover – if you believe the slide, it will happen in 2022 but also contains hints of another sportsedan, yet unnamed. Presumably, the future novelty will replace the model of the ILX and will take place in the line one step lower than the current TLX.