Acura showed the difference between stock and racing NSX (VIDEO)

Acura продемонстрировала разницу между стоковым и гоночным NSX (ВИДЕО)

Company Acura decided to demonstrate the differences between civil and Acura NSX racing NSX GT3 Evo.

It is worth noting that 80% of the parts of the Acura NSX received from the GT3 racing version of the Evo. But all are little things: GT3 Evo got the same petrol engine paired with a sequential gearbox, rear-wheel drive, cast iron brake discs, the panels of carbon fiber and aerodynamic.

In addition, track supercar interior is almost devoid of frills.

In an effort to emphasize similarities and significant differences between the road car and racing Acura NSX NSX GT3 Evo, the brand puts them both on the track Mid-Ohio to determine which one will be faster.