Advice to vacationers: what to know about getting medical care this summer, if you go to the resort

Советы отпускникам: что надо знать о получении медпомощи этим летом, если вы едете на курорт

How to prepare for the trip, what to bring and what to do if you suspect infection with a coronavirus in a “foreign” region, said the experts at OMS

Judging by sociological polls and forecasts, the majority of Russians will leave-2020 on the Russian resorts or cottages. That is, one way or another, will leave “their” region, where attached to the clinic in the MHI policy, in a “foreign” region. How to prepare for a trip to reduce the risk of infection by coronavirus, and in case if the infection will catch up in time to receive necessary medical care? This was stated by the experts on obligatory medical insurance the Russian Union of insurers (VSS).

1. First of all, remember that your insurance guarantees the right to free medical assistance throughout the territory of Russia, regardless of the region in which it was decorated.

Before you go check the validity of the policy. To do this, call the “hotline” of their medical insurance organization, the name of which is specified in the policy. The phone can also be specified on the policy or it is easy to find by searching the Internet.

2. If you find that the policy is invalid (this is possible, for example, if you changed your name after marriage or divorce, and in some other cases), you can quickly and easily issue a new document.

For this you need to apply to any insurance medical organisation working in system OMS in the region of your residence. A list of insurers available on the website of the territorial Fund of obligatory medical insurance (TFOMS) in your area. For the design of the policy will need a passport and SNILS (certificate of pension insurance). You also fill out the application.

The period of policy registration up to 45 calendar days, but you will immediately be given a temporary medical insurance, which has the same effect as permanent.


In connection with the epidemic COVID-19, the Russian government issued a special decree (from 3.04.2020 N 432). According to this document, if you have submitted an application for the issue of insurance before the start of the epidemic and received a temporary policy, it remains in force. Until such time when this rule will be abolished by the new government decree at the end of the epidemic.

3. Take a trip not only a passport, MHI policy. Or at least take pictures of it.

Also record in the address book of your mobile phone number “hot line” medical insurance company that issued your insurance. There you will be able to ask for help, advice, complaints, etc. “Hot lines” are working around the clock so call immediately if you have any difficulties, without wasting time.

4. Before leaving check with your health insurance company to seek medical help for the MLA in the region where you go.

5. Learn about prevention COVID-19 in the region of arrival: is there a quarantine for import and under what conditions, does it require testing as frequently test personnel and disinfect the premises of a place of rest (boarding house, sanatorium, hotels).


Also, experts suggest:

– Bring personal hygiene: protective mask (to be worn in crowded places), gloves, antiseptic, soap, wet wipes, paper handkerchiefs.

– Try to choose relaxing areas with low population density.

– Prepare a first aid kit with a thermometer, fever and pain relievers, antiseptic spray (solution) for the nose and throat.

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