Adviser to Prime Minister Yuriy Golik told how many books to read in 2019

Советник премьера Юрий Голик рассказал, сколько книг прочитал в 2019 году

Yuri Video reads 1000 books a year

Despite being very busy for the management of numerous infrastructure projects, Advisor to Prime Minister Yuriy Golik always finds time to read and does so every day. This Yuriy Golik shared on his page in Facebook, reports RBC-Ukraine.

“There are no secrets and secret technology. I don’t know how to read diagonally through the word, only the even letters or to read from three pages to two. Through reading books also do not know, although a friend of mine for many years, sure. Any courses of fast reading I didn’t go, unique techniques not taught. All, really, just. You just need to read,” explained Golik.

Read Golik uses any free minute. In the beginning of last year he planned to read 52 books, one per week, but was unable to read more than 100 books.

“It’s simple. 1 the book is about 350 pages. To read in a week, you need every day to read 50 pages. It’s easy. For example, before going to sleep. Instead of surfing the Internet. Or for Breakfast again, instead of phone in hand. You can read anywhere. In the plane. In the car (of course, if you’re not driving). In public transport,” – says Golik.

When choosing books, according to Golik, the main criterion should be a personal perception of the man himself, not fashion trends.

“It makes no sense to read only what advises bill gates, and the books he advises many fashion related lists read by literary critics and other popular books. Do not suffer nonsense, making selfies with the books of Kuan u, Harari – read only what is interesting to you personally and do not care what it is. Detectives, books on sales, trading, vanilla novel or fiction. Just read,” said Golik.

By the way, Yuriy Golik not only reads, but gives a reading other people. He is the initiator and organizer of the creation of a vast network of book-crossings, which regularly replenishes with new books.

“Thus, in a few years we installed more than 70 book crossings in public places and gave them 30,000 at least and continue to do so”, – says Golik.