Advisor Yermak: Reaction by Zelensky trip to Oman was wrong

Советник Ермака: Реакция по поездке Зеленского в Оман была неправильной

Response of the Office of the President on the visit of President Vladimir Zelensky in Oman was “wrong at the beginning.” This was stated by Advisor to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak Mikhail Podolyak in an interview with “the Country”, which is published on 2 August.

“You have to remember that while the OP seemed not quite as it should have been. It was the Office even before Andrey Ermak, neither I nor he wasn’t there yet. Managed all Andrei Bogdan. But this does not remove the blame from the Office as a whole. He was really not ready to accept the position that is the President of the state, each step of which requires a clear, pre-defined positions,” said Podolyak.

He believes that the SDA not only in this situation reacted incorrectly.

“He did not prepare an information rationale for the President’s trip – why he went and how. And when the situation has already occurred, the Office was not able to move quickly to crisis communication and explain what happened. And it is not the fault of the President. The President does not have to build explanations,” – said the adviser.

January 5 edition of “Country” wrote that Zelensky will go to Oman. In the Office of the President of Ukraine (SCH) confirmed that the head of the Ukrainian state is in Oman, and stated that “he left there with his family scheduled flight for the money”. “In the coming days the President is scheduled to meet at the highest level”, – stated in the message. Before the emergence of the media news about the rest Zelensky his press office has announced the visit of the head of state in Oman.

January 5-6 in the income statement informed that in Oman Zelensky met with the Minister of foreign Affairs Yusuf bin Abdullah bin Alawi and Executive President of state General reserve Fund of Oman Abdulsalam al-Murshidi. According to the published income statement the photos, the trip was accompanied by Zelensky Andrey Ermak, who was then assistant to the President and now the head of the GTC.

Zelensky interrupted the visit in connection with the crash of “Ukraine International airlines” Iran 8 Jan.

In February in the income statement acknowledged that the President’s trip to Oman did not have an official character and was not paid from the state budget.

The Office of state security reported that on a business trip employees of HUGO, who accompanied the President and his family to Oman, identified 74,3 thousand UAH.

In April the President’s Office informed that the trip to Oman paid his wife Elena.

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