Advisor Zelensky discussed with representatives of the world Bank the development of the digital economy

Советник Зеленского обсудил с представителями Всемирного банка развитие цифровой экономики

Today met adviser to the President of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov with representatives of the world Bank on initiatives and projects for the development of the digital economy. From the world Bank attended the programme Manager for infrastructure and sustainable development in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Mr. Baher El-Hifnawi, consultant, Raine Anderson, and a leading specialist Juan Navas-Sabater, reports with reference to press service head of state.

As have informed in a press-service, this is the second meeting with representatives of the world Bank, specializing in the digital economy and digital transformation. The group is called HELP (from the English. High-Level Experts, Leaders and Practitioners) and includes world-renowned experts in the field of digitalization.

“During the meeting it was noted that for economic acceleration and improvement of well-being in Ukraine to be held the widespread deployment of high-speed access networks to the Internet. That is why it is important to consolidate the efforts of politicians, government agencies, private operators and service providers to create the necessary infrastructure capable of providing high data rate (30 Mbps or above) for at least 80% of households until 2025,” – said in the message.

The main objective of the project is to provide Ukrainians affordable high quality Internet access in any corner of the country – in rural areas, along highways, in schools and hospitals – that the Ukrainians were able to take advantage of the digital world for personal development, business, entertainment. Now the gap between city and village in the development of broadband Internet is about 40%, said the office of the President.

“It is important not just to give citizens a high quality infrastructure of the Internet, and to do so in the Ukrainians formed a real need and desire to use technology for education, business, self-development,” – said Mikhail Fedorov. According to him, the possibilities offered by the Internet are an important basis for the alignment of standards of living in rural areas.

Also at the meeting, it was noted that a large-scale national projects, digital transformation can generate an increase in demand of citizens to high-quality Internet.

“The meeting participants agreed that an important step is to develop a National plan for the development of broadband Internet, which should consolidate the requirements for the broadband service, i.e. to set certain parameters of quality and speed; approve the mechanisms of public-private partnerships with operators and providers of communications in the cover marginal areas, and to provide more modern tools for the funding of projects of development of digital infrastructure and especially the implementation of integrated projects of digital transformation, primarily in education and medicine”, – stated in the message.

During the meeting they also discussed the expectations from the implementation of the world Bank grant project of the EU initiative EU4Digital to develop a National plan for the development of broadband access and the infrastructure development project for international Internet traffic that can transform Ukraine into a regional Internet hub, said the President’s office.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during a meeting with business representatives, members of the Economic Club of Canada said that Ukraine will continue cooperation with the IMF and the world Bank.