Advisor Zelensky Novikov wrote a letter of resignation

Советник Зеленского Новиков написал заявление об увольнении

Freelance Advisor of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Igor Novikov wrote a letter of resignation at own will. This August 5, he announced on his page in Facebook.

“Decided not to lag behind [former adviser of the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko] Maxim bahmatova,” said Novikov.

Other reasons for the dismissal, he said.

Novikov was accompanied by the publication of his photo, a statement, dated 5 Aug.

On 9 July signed a decree appointed Zelensky Novikova adviser. Previously, he headed the Ukrainian branch of the American Institute of singularity.

“Novikov brings a unique set of technological, business and political prospects in a dialogue about innovation in Ukraine. Within two years of lectures and seminars Igor has attracted an audience of more than 100 thousand people, and he is considered a leading speaker and futurist Ukraine – a title he readily rejects,” according to the website of the organization, which was headed by the adviser.

Vladimir Zelensky