AERO Friedrichshafen-2016

АЭРО Фридрихсхафен-2016


At the end of April in the German Friedrichshafen is Europe’s largest dedicated international air show, on his new show those who work in General aviation (ANI). The exhibition is already not the first decade, the venue for her organization not chosen by chance: Friedrichshafen is located on the very South of Germany on the shores of lake Constance, there were the famous airship Zeppelin. This year the event is attended by more than 600 companies representing 35 countries, its work light 600 journalists.

Visitors were shown and news of General aviation, such as for example, the new Vision SF50, has received the authorization certificate for flights to the United States. The President says “Cirrus Aircraft” development Todd Simmons: “Parachute is included in the equipment of the aircraft, the system is called the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. Each of us released jets – all of them, to date we have produced 6 300 – equipped with such a parachute. If you have exhausted all the possibilities in order to keep the plane “on the wing” and there is no other way, can be used for life-saving parachute. There’s a ring for it you need to pull, the parachute is opened, and the aircraft land safely”.

The rapidly growing market for drones, “drones” could not find a place at an air show in Friedrichshafen. The drone is not always a practical application, it can be used at leisure, he is not only a device for assistance in emergency situations, but also the opportunity to spend time with benefit and pleasure. Today, as experts underline, in Europe are or will be used for different purposes over three million drones. Trebuetsya urgent development of a set of legal rules aimed at ensuring the safe use of drones, says Uwe Nordmann.

“While the possession of drones in any way in a legal point of view is not limited. Rather, they are subject to the same legal rules as for model airplanes. If, for example, the weight of the drone is less than 5 kg, then estimate it as a toy; it can be freely bought and sold, including in specialized online stores. Today, those who are piloting drones by remote control, I think, must have appropriate skills and qualifications. They must first be aware of the possible risks. While we are seeing a legal vacuum, which, I think, not quite right. Can and should impose rules that are similar to those that govern model airplanes and members of flying clubs”.

Dream about flying, dream about managing the aircraft may not be hampered associated with reduced mobility. Today light aircraft or gliders can be equipped with devices that will allow them to be used and wheelchair users. Many of them come together in community and groups to assert their rights. One such group is headed by Michael Amtmann. He says: “I fly on a paraplane, my disability in this case does not trouble me, the only thing required to have a stroller with a powerful suspension and wide tires to land on any surface”.

The path to heaven starts early, almost in his boyhood, say those who organizes an Airshow in Friedrichshafen, so at this forum, so much attention was paid to new generations, the young lovers of heights, so they chose a path and profession that may be associated with the sky, the flight or ground operations of aircraft of General purpose.

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