“Afraid that he would give Kirkorov”: “Pregnant” from Philip fan because the children were able to threaten with murder

«Боялись, что отдаст Киркорову»: «Беременной» от Филиппа фанатке из-за квартиры дети могли угрожать убийством

Estate for $ 10 million in Moscow could after the birth of the triplets from Kirkorov to derogate the artist as guardian of the children, became known in programme Andrey Malakhov.

Philip Kirkorov is known in Russia not only as a popular singer, but also a very loving man. The fruit of this features artist might become his numerous illegitimate children. Earlier we wrote that they Kirkorov may be about 10. While recently revealed that the number of the heirs of Philip could dramatically increase by another three children. After all, as a dedicated 62-year-old fan of star Svetlana Safieva from Moscow said that the singer is pregnant and carrying triplets. The news caused a great public resonance and caused a lot of noise. Kirkorov himself disown connection with the fan, however, the network has spread the rumor that Philip could make Safeway children for the sake of her inheritance. As it turned out, the woman was very rich and owned a huge apartment worth $ 10 million. And now conspiracy theories came to naught, after it became known that “pregnant” from Philip fan died suddenly from a stroke.

Everything in this case seemed clear, however, for it suddenly took a “roll out” Safieva Andrey Malakhov. It was he who in his time covered the story of this woman and told about her problem to the whole country. Now infamous TV host has initiated its own investigation into the death of a fan Kirkorov, during which it became clear that disputes over the apartment could have killed the poor woman. In the announcement of the program “live” Malakhov showed a fragment of the dying to record Safeway, in which she spoke about the transaction for the sale of the apartment and about the threats is unknown. Then many interested in the upcoming show, as I thought about the rumors about the possible types of Kirkorov on this luxury housing.

When the program Malakhov was released, it became known that Safeway had two adult children – a son and daughter. It was on death threats from kids fan Kirkorov allegedly complained before his death. In the video she names names and says that the people Malakhov and Studio guests was a son of Safeway and his friends came up to her and bowed to the sale of the apartment. During one of his visits allegedly even attempted the murder of a woman. Journalists Malakhov also found that between the son and Svetlana shortly before the tragedy occurred a big fight. In his defense, he said that the mother was not mentally healthy. We also learned that the children did not take the body of the dead mother from the morgue for six days at a time, as the documents on “gold” the apartment appeared almost immediately.

In this regard, we can assume that children are just tired of her attempts to bond with Kirkorov, to bear him triplets. In such a scenario the actor would get the part of the property of Safeway, which clearly could not hold the heirs female. The involvement of children in the background of the scandal with Kirkorov to her death, a suspicion which comes up from the published Malakhov record should be attributed to the competence of law enforcement agencies. However, we cannot discard the possibility that they could press on in love with Philip’s mother because she was afraid that she otds the apartment the artist. That is a potential link with Kirkorov and claims of the artist in the apartment, “pregnant” the fans played a malicious joke with it.

«Боялись, что отдаст Киркорову»: «Беременной» от Филиппа фанатке из-за квартиры дети могли угрожать убийством

«Боялись, что отдаст Киркорову»: «Беременной» от Филиппа фанатке из-за квартиры дети могли угрожать убийством