After 5 months, Dima enjoys the success of the video

Спустя 5 месяцев Дима Билан радуется успеху клипа

Views of the clip “Lightning” exceeded 35 million. The singer shared his happiness in his Instagram.

Exactly 5 months ago Bilan has released a music video for the song “Lightning”. “20 weeks at the top of the charts! “Lightning” 35 000 000 views!” The happy singer.

The clip was shot before the all-Russian tour “Planeta Bilan”, which is still ongoing. The main role in it played the winner of the show “the Bachelor” Daria Klyukina. The girl told that she was easy and fun to work with Dima, and that part in the clip is for her an interesting experience.

Dima Bilan also like to work with Daria, he said that it was a memorable shoot, during which they visited the night club, in court, even to fly.

Earlier Bilan unsubscribed Egor creed. This happened before the premiere of the clip. Although creed decided to stay friends with the winner of the show “the Bachelor,” never married her, shooting Dasha in the video has affected him. Dima was very surprised when I saw that Egor from him unsubscribed. After all, if Klyukina was not free, he would not have offered her the role in the clip.