After 75 years, the incidence of cancer is falling – study

После 75 лет вероятность заболеть раком падает - исследование

In the eighth decade of life the probability of acquiring cancer stops growing – this is summing up the results of the study, said scientists from the United States.

CA magazine writes that the observations of specialists from the American society for the study of cancer in Atlanta showed greater increase of cancer risk that is observed during aging, stops about 75-80 years, and then begins to fall. The reasons for this phenomenon are not yet known.

Doctors have long noticed that with the entry into old age in humans significantly increases the likelihood of developing tumors. Recently, however, on the part of representatives of science have increasingly heard statements that the risk of cancer depends not only on age, but on the state of his immune system. To understand, the authors of the new study collected and analyzed statistics on the prevalence of the most common among older Americans types of cancer.

They obtained data were compared with the as often develop similar types of cancer among other age groups.

The researchers found that the risk of cancer actually increases with age: if to 45-50 years, it remains low, then subsequently the avalanche to grow. However, said scientists this increase the risk of cancer was slowed down to 75-80 years and then did not grow, and fall.

Scientists still can not explain the anomaly. Not possible, they admit, the cells of the body in old age share less actively than in the “young” retirees that protects against the emergence of tumors, which are known as the consequence of excessive cellular activity.