After 9 hours of capture hostages “Lutsk terrorist” handed over food and water

Спустя 9 часов захвата: заложникам "луцкого террориста" передали еду и воду

On Tuesday, July 21, it was reported that the people taken hostage 9 hours ago, gave water. This was announced in a live broadcast by the correspondent of the local newspaper.

At least something good. People in the hijacked bus gave packing with water. It took the first Deputy head of national police Eugene Smith. The first effects of the negotiations with the terrorists during the day.

It is also noted that in the packets there is food. There is a chance that the dialogue has moved from a dead point.

Later it was reported that in Lutsk was shooting at the police building, where interior Minister Arsen Avakov holds a meeting on the negotiations with the invader of the bus.

After a time, there was a video like a terrorist from Lutsk came into the bus.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov in a short briefing in Lutsk approached the journalists and told about the situation in the city centre. The Minister asked everyone to “be very careful in the comments, including spreading false information to the address of the person who is holding hostages”.

Later, the terrorist tried to shoot down flying over the hostages drone. The shooting was caught on video.

Meanwhile, in Lutsk off FM broadcasting and Gerashchenko said about the second bomb.

There was also the information that the wife of the bomber’s on his way to Lutsk.

Some time later, the conqueror issued an ultimatum and gave a half-hour run. Smigel responded to the demands of the terrorist

As of 19:00, the terrorist admitted to the bus the police. Also has information about what people who are the ninth hour on the bus, handed over the water.