After a year of work in RRG has accumulated about 25 thousand criminal proceedings – Varchenko

За год работы в ГБР накопилось около 25 тысяч уголовных производств - Варченко

3000 of them – corruption.

For almost a year of work in the State Bureau of investigation (GBR) accumulated over 24 thousand criminal proceedings. 1929 of them are already sent to the courts, for 411 – received convictions.

About it at himself on the page in Facebook said the first Deputy Director of the RRG Olga Varchenko.

“RRT is investigating 24335 criminal proceedings. Have announced the 854 suspicion. Over 8 months investigating nearly 3,000 criminal proceedings regarding the crimes in the sphere of office activity and corruption. 165 of them have already reported about suspicion, 149 sent to court and there are already 6 of convictions,” wrote Varchenko.

She also talked about several high-profile cases, which are now being investigated by the state Bureau of investigation.

In particular, mentioned the case of misappropriation of funds of state-owned enterprises in the amount of 15 million UAH at the time of disposal of hazardous drilling waste, the waste of 22 million UAH of budget funds due to the negligence of the former head of the State service of Ukraine for war veterans, the purchase of substandard property for the army (a loss of 100 million UAH).

Varchenko also noted that as a law enforcement Agency of the RRG work on 27 November 2018. Today GBR is a Central office and 7 regional offices. As of now the body has 690 employees, 499 of them – the investigators.