After based recreation “Dnipro Zori” the Cossacks suspect coronavirus

После отдыха на базе «Днепровские зори» у запорожцев подозревают коронавирус

Experience for families from Zaporozhye ended up in hospital

Family from Zaporozhye came to rest in Kirillovka July 1, and night the Cossacks ended up in the hospital. Now the father and child is suspected of coronavirus.

As told to “Industriale”, acting head of the travel Agency TM “Travelbuszp” Maxim Matkovsky was accompanied by family to the recreation center “Dnipro dawns” is their driver. He also stayed the night at the base.

-They arrived to the resort after dinner, – said Maxim Matkovsky. Neither hash, nor any seafood, people did not eat. At lunch the family ate mashed potatoes with a cutlet, summer salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, and fruit compote. The driver of our generally there had not eaten anything. He eats their food. In the evening they all became bad.

“Industrialna” talked with the driver. He asked that his name not be called. The guy told me that the first was bad the man he brought to his child. They were given first aid and was taken to the hospital. Then he felt bad. The man went to a medical facility.

-In hospital of the city received me not, – said the driver. They were afraid if it was a coronavirus. I went to the hospital Akimov. There I did the test for the coronavirus. The result was negative.

Now the family is already in Zaporozhye, – said Maxim Matkovsky. – They handed over further blood for the detection of coronavirus. All members of the family a little better. Our driver also feels better, but we gave him a week off.