After criticism Sedokova showed naked body

После критики в свой адрес Седокова показала обнаженное тело

Living in the country-the aggressor the Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova criticized not only because of the questionable content of the songs, but for candid shots that are pretty fed up with lovers of beauty. However, the 36-year-old actress was not ready to say goodbye to the old habit of undress.

It seems that after Russian media published video Sedokova, which is clearly visible cellulite – the singer decided to show her Instagram followers the ideal form, dressed for a zesty frame in white bodysuit made of translucent fabric.

“One of my very smart friend told me – yours will remain with you, and I always thought,” – shared his thoughts of the performer. And Anna posed in front of the bathroom mirror that on one photo was visible immediately and chest, and ass.

Fans in the comments constantly remind Sedokova, she is first and foremost a singer, not a model of erotic gloss, noting that the social network celebrity too much nudity. “Anna, the figure of course is the bomb, but the photo borders on pornography,” wrote one of the fans.

At the same time, photo of naked Sedokova has collected more than 200 thousand likes. Later, in another post, the actress wanted to talk about sports and healthy eating. It seems that video with the cellulite was deeply touched by the ex-VIA gra.

Sedokova bare to show all their charms / Instagram

“After my priest called not elastic, I was upset, offended and started to plow, because it’s silly to blame the reflection in the mirror,” the confession Sedokova.

The singer has told, that problems with excess weight it has because of the great love of food. Weight was added and after childbirth. “I stepped on the scale and OPA 68. The growth of my 172. I always took myself so there are bodypositive my all, but after the third bebika somehow it all went wrong. Immediately grew fat legs and the upper part of it,” admitted Anne.

In the end, the artist decided to review their food and replaced some foods to more healthy foods. The singer also allocated more time to sports and demonstrates the result.

Sedokova decided to lose weight / Instagram

Despite all the efforts Sedokova – fans do not believe that toned body of the performer – not the merit of photoshop. Recall that Anna has been caught in editing photos.

После критики в свой адрес Седокова показала обнаженное тело

После критики в свой адрес Седокова показала обнаженное тело