“After photo of the President, we have the right to allow all”. Among restaurateurs, a revolt is brewing because of the extension of the ban

"После фото президента мы имеем право всех впускать". Среди рестораторов зреет бунт из-за продления запрета

Despite announcements, from June 5 in Kiev will open cafes and restaurants in the usual format – that is, to complete the work within the institution.

Also the catering until you earn more in several regions.

I understood why it happened and where in Ukraine restaurants and cafes will only work in the summer option.

Unattainable criteria of the Ministry of health

The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on transition to the next stages of release from quarantine States that this can be done in the regions that correspond to the three criteria developed by the health Ministry:

  • 7 days no more than 12 new cases Covid-19 per 100 thousand population
  • testing must cover more than 12 people per 100 thousand population
  • the occupancy rate in the hospitals where they take patients with Covid-19, no more than 50%

These indicators are continually revised, because the statistics are changing every day. A final decision on the exit or absence from the next stage take commissions when oblgosadministratsii and the city administration.

Today, June 5, the Ministry of health has published a table of three indicators, which indicated that while the eight regions of Ukraine is not ready to weakening of the quarantine. Kiev, Volyn, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Luhansk, Lviv, Rivne, Chernivtsi oblast.

Those two new fields in the list – Zhytomyr and Luhansk regions, where increased incidence of and too little of tests, respectively, but dropped out of the list Kharkiv, where he improved testing of the population.

The main restaurant in the center of Kiev – it turns out, remains in quarantine. Look at how things work in the capital and other is still “closed” areas.

In Kiev think about restaurants next week

“Capital does not correspond to the epidemiological indicators, which would mitigate the quarantine. Cafes and restaurants can still only work on takeaways and take guests on a summer terrace”, – he said.

Later, the mayor confirmed that as of June 5 will not open restaurants, cafes and pools. According to him, the next phase of the relief measures passed in regions where the indicators meet the requirements. And in Kiev today the number of patients per 100 thousand of population is higher than normal. It is 14.9 in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of health at least 12 occasions.

“So, we can’t risk the health of people and to introduce more breaks. I understand business, I understand that he has to work. But we don’t want to go back to the quarantine?” – said Vitaly Klitschko.

The decision to work in Kiev, restaurants and swimming pools the city will accept separately, based on the situation with the incidence in the coming days. The emergency Commission will consider this issue next week, after the weekend. That is, until that time, cafes and restaurants just will not open.

While the restaurant business was already out of the protests, demanding quickly to lift the restrictions. The main argument – a restaurants after the quarantine can not be opened: the money ran out.

“The margin of safety is gone.” They say that the capital’s restaurateurs

Alena Ivanenko, a TOP Manager of the restaurant “Hello to Vietnam”:

“In Ukraine the restaurants were allowed to operate, but in Kiev there is because there is increase in morbidity. And that’s the problem. I’m all for following the law. If we are open, we will work out a week, and then suddenly even more will increase the incidence, we are all completely closed, and public transport, and Mall too. It will be worse than if we wait.

Of course, financially it is hard. All want to open, and depends on our business and my personal life and my team. But we decided not to open. Summer site we have, so we didn’t open even when allowed to annuals. Still working on shipping.

My colleagues and I discussed yesterday this is a sensational photo, where the President is sitting in a cafe in Khmelnytskyi with the company officials and drinking coffee, in the room, and all without masks. On the one hand, he as the head of state must lead by example. On the other hand, is it right to condemn them? Saw the visit in the cafe said the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko – I’m not sure he was honest 100%, I think he’s disingenuous in saying that the breaking of quarantine was not. But I’m happy with.

Most of all I hate it not, but the fact that many restaurants allow myself more than others. Throughout the quarantine, while the other sat without a penny, someone worked. And it’s mostly restaurants luxury segment, in which people are not poor, and these institutions belong to the people not the poor. But while he was quarantined, even though their was not particularly visible. It is their responsibility, their decision.

And now, when many restaurants begin to freak out and openly break the quarantine, I resent it. Allowed to open summer terrace, and they started to let people into the room. Hookahs are prohibited, and everywhere I look, people smoke hookahs. This will affect the entire industry. People are irresponsible not only to their staff and guests, and to colleagues in the market. If it is determined that large diseases coronavirus was due to hookahs and restaurants that will close down the entire industry, and do not understand, who broke, and who is not.”

Olesya Ostafievo, co-owner of the witch-bar “Bald mountain”:

“As a law-abiding person, I fulfill the law and open the room will not. Among my friends there are sick and I worry about them – even though these people quite a bit, and I personally do not see all around you of the epidemic. Humanly, I understand why restaurants have decided not to open.

But from a business point of view, it is an absolute mockery. When the shuttles and the Mall crowd all the different restaurants – I don’t understand. Despite the fact that we have increased costs. We have already reduced people as I could. But those who had depended on tips, we now pay extra and co-founder of his own pocket to employees of these tips. Because to go to work for 200 UAH per day-for a change – it is also a mockery.

Margin of safety no longer. There are accumulated debts. We figured that if we now open and we expect the flow at 50% of dekorativnogo, we could by the end of summer with these debts to pay. Now I do not know. We opened the summer terrace, we paid for her share participation. Don’t know what it has announced Klitschko – terrace for UAH 1, – we are for the summer season paid 6 thousand UAH. We put on the sidewalk tables but they are empty. In this weather, neither of which the summer terrace of the question. There are days when all the people there. Sometimes, when one person will come. We survive due to the fact that regular customers take orders with you.

In General, after the photo, where the President and his entourage sitting without masks in the cafe, I think we have every right too to let visitors inside. And if they come test we will show photos of the President and say we follow his example. Participate in the experiment – how we are ready to work after quarantine.”

Khramov, restaurateur and managing partner networks Pastateca and Pizza Celentano

“We could open restaurants, legal conflicts were allowed to do this. The Cabinet makes a decision on the level of the country, but makes a reservation: the regional authorities can delay the mitigation of quarantine. It was the decision of the Cabinet on 3 June that the restaurants can open space, but there was no decision of the Kyiv Committee. And we were able to play on it, to maneuver and formally not to break anything. But decided not to risk it. And here is the Kiev authorities issued a ban.

I think this is unfair to the restaurant industry. In fact, we have become hostages of the situation due to others – those who were allowed to work fully yet. The same shopping centers managed to “slip”, and we are now still unclear how many will sit and wait. Because it is clear that the epidemic will not go into decline, as work and the Mall and the metro, and everything else.

The level of outrage among restaurateurs is very high. If this isn’t resolved soon, restaurants reached a boiling point. And lots of schools, who will start work in spite of the ban, will be critical. When break is 50% or more, this has nothing to do.”

Polina Levitskaya, SEO restaurants Mario’s:

“Negative attitude to the fact that the restaurants decided not to open. I don’t like double standards, and when the law for all not one. Tired of the quarantine and the staff in Kiev got tired of waiting. I’m more worried about the state of our employees is drooping, without faith in the future and pessimistic.

Mario’s in Kiev on Saksaganskogo continues to work on delivery and take away. And I have a large outdoor area in Odessa. So financially we can get through this. But all this insanity was already tired, even to me, who did not take endurance and patience.

The weather was terrible in Odessa all the time – rain and cold. Sometimes the sun. Amid bad weather, the work permit summer terraces sounds like a mockery of the restaurant business.

Was in the gym – people as usual. See public transport and crowds of people in it. They do not understand and do not understand why the restaurants can’t be opened, and fitness clubs, metro, shopping malls – you can”.

In other regions

Seven regions do not meet the criteria of the Cabinet for opening restaurants. Let’s see what happens there.

Zhytomyr oblast. In the field was preparing to move to the next stage – that is, to the opening of cafes, restaurants and swimming pools. But today the Governor Vitaly Bunechko said he would initiate that area is not weakened quarantine due to bad statistics.

“We will recommend not to open restaurants,” said Vitaly Bunechko.

He noted that the area is very well passed all the quarantine, but the weakening and laxity were negative and yesterday have identified 53 new cases.

Luhansk region. But in the Luhansk regional state administration reported today that as of June 5, the Commission was allowed to receive visitors in the premises of cafes and restaurants and abolished the self-isolation of persons older than 60 years.

Donetsk region. In the Donetsk region about the opening of cafes and restaurants not misleading. And in Slavyansk due to the outbreak of coronavirus, on the contrary, strengthened the quarantine on June 2. It banned the operation of gyms and fitness clubs and classes in institutions of education.

Lviv oblast. In the Lviv region, a Commission that takes the decision on quarantine will meet today. Cafes and restaurants are unlikely to open in full, but may be allowed to open kindergartens. Note that restaurant business in the capital of Galicia is now working on the summer terraces and a takeaway.

Volyn oblast. In Volyn region yesterday because of the situation with the incidence decided not to enter a new phase release from quarantine, in addition, you can reverse some of the easing that has already started may 29. This will not affect passenger traffic. They are cancelled only in certain areas with unfavorable epidemiological situation in the village of Olyka Kivertsi district, Kovel, Vladimir-Volyn and Vladimir-Volyn region. The result can revise 9 June.

Rivne region.In the Rivne region, which is not a very good performance by ill acts adaptive quarantine inside the area. So, passenger services resumed, but not in all areas.

June 1 at Rivne nuclear power plant has renewed a total quarantine due to the increase in the number of infected Covid-19. And in the satellite city of the Rivne NPP the Varash closed summer terrace of institutions, exchange offices, clothing stores. Worked only grocery stores and pharmacies. However, after the rally of entrepreneurs on the same day the local government to cancel the tightening of quarantine on parole businessmen to adhere to all sanitary regulations.

Exactly, exceptionally, opened one swimming pool for training athletes. The city bus in the regional center there are, but not all routes are opened. Due to the accumulation of people at bus stops, from June 8 to Exactly going to resume all routes. At the memorial Saturday, June 6, in the area were not allowed to conduct prayer services in cemeteries.

Chernivtsi region. The region leads in the number of cases in Ukraine – 3 519 cases on June 5. Cafes and restaurants there until. But from mid-may in the region has resumed hairdresser, dentistry, were allowed to visit cemeteries.