After reports of information-gathering about employees of Podolsk district Department of the police opened criminal proceedings

После сообщений о сборе информации о сотрудниках Подольского райотдела полиции открыто уголовное производство

After the analysis is placed in social networks and media reports about the police officers involved in the conflict near Podolsk district Department of Kiev, the criminal proceedings are opened under article “crime preparation” and “attempt on life of the employee of law enforcement body”, said the Metropolitan police.

Police have opened a criminal investigation after reports of the collection of information about law enforcement officers who participated in the conflict near Podolsk district Department of Kyiv on 9 February. On 12 February he informed the police of Kiev.

“Materials and messages about the reward money for information on police was posted in the social networks and news sites. Analyzing messages in the media and in social networks of information gathering in respect of employees of Podolsk police and special forces personnel, investigators began criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 14 (preparation for crime), article 348 (attempt on the life of the employee of law enforcement body) the Criminal code of Ukraine”, – is told in the message.

It clarifies that we are talking about personal data and home addresses of law enforcement officers and their families.

“Speak hints about committing on them of physical violence,” said police.

February 9, C14 activists demanded that the staff of the Podolsk Department returned things to their colleagues, who earlier in the day, were detained before the rally of the presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko. The head of the Metropolitan police Andrew kryschenko said that he gave the command to unlock the work of the district special branch of law enforcement officers.

Description special forces detained the activists. During the detention, a man in civilian rounded the Department, began to face with one of lying. He was a police officer Vasily Melnikov, which Pechersk district court of Kyiv sent 12 February under arrest for 60 days. At the hearing on the protection of the suspect and asked about the closed consideration of the need to protect the police in connection with threats via social media.

On 11 February, the volunteer Roman Sinitsyn has announced the opening of criminal proceedings after its publication in Facebook about the reward for information about the militiamen who repulsed the assault of the Podolsk police Department. Sinitsyn argued that the proceedings opened under article 345 (threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body) the Criminal code of Ukraine.