After searches in the Crimea, conducted mass arrests

После обысков в Крыму провели массовые задержания

Among the detainees are activists

Today at 4 a.m., the Russian security forces came to search in the home of the Crimean Tatars. As a result of searches were detained 6 of the Crimean Tatars.

As she said, arrested Emil Ziyadinov activist, streamer. Participated in the picket in Moscow in protest against repression in the Crimea. He was also made the administrative Protocol for the conduct of video in day of a search in houses of Crimean Tatars in March 2019.

Also arrested Ismet Ibrahimov, Alim Sufiana – 30 years old, married. He participated in the organization of the Muslim holidays. Visited the courts on politically motivated charges.

Seyran Khairetdinov – married, 3 children. In their area was among the organizers of the festivities Kurban and Oraza Bayram. She actively attended the trials against the Crimean Tatars.

Alexander Sizikov – Russian Muslims, the disabled group I, completely lost vision in 2009. Twice out on pickets in support of political prisoners of Edem Smailov, head of the religious community “Topic” who until his arrest was the guardian Sizikova.

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После обысков в Крыму провели массовые задержания