After the big Bang, the universe will be reborn – the scientists

The expansion of the Universe, proved in the middle of last century, can not be infinite, and thus the era of the end times, which some philosophers call the “blank sheet chronology”.

После большого взрыва Вселенная переродится - ученые

Scientists are closely examining the evolutionary processes of the universe, confident that after the new big Bang, the universe will be reborn and will re-grow, but other forms, which for the present order of existence and interaction of substances as well as existing physical laws, unknown. Although, the process of learning quantum physics in recent times, explains the many misconceptions which humanity axioms. The astrophysicist Geraint Lewis argues that the expansion of the Universe, can theoretically go into a phase of connection with a kind of parallel world, but, with greater probability, will be the trigger to collapse to the starting point.

Galaxy, flee, despite the presence of recently discovered dark matter that binds the system. The release of vast spaces, will be the “soil” for the growth of giant black holes in the gravity trap, which caught the whole galaxy. Another large explosion will inevitably happen. Reborn universe will be completely different, but it may revive a relic of the galaxy, stored in the “space genes” star systems.

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