After the comments made the Chechens Yalta official ended up in the hospital

После сделанного замечания чеченцам ялтинский чиновник очутился в больнице

The natives of Chechnya beat the assistant head of the administration of Yalta of Dilaver Seydametov after comments made.

On this edition of “Instep” said a source familiar with the situation.

According to him, on Friday, June 5, Seydametov scolded young people in the car with the Chechen numbers for aggressive driving in a residential area where children were playing. After that, they returned to the area in two cars, armed with scraps of rebar, and started beating the official. In the struggle he managed to resist and knock out a few attackers, but one of them hit him on the head with an iron bar.

They then fled the scene, leaving their vehicles. “These Chechens fled from the local crowd and climbed up on the rock, now can’t get down, and the people called MOE”, – gives life to the words of eyewitnesses. According to local residents, they are outraged by the incident and would like to find the attackers and hand them over.

Currently Seydametov is in the hospital. The place of the attack riot police arrived.