After the isolation insurance may be cheaper

После самоизоляции ОСАГО может подешеветь

A number of insurance companies already offer discounts on comprehensive insurance.

Citizens that have not used private transport in the period of self-isolation and therefore do not become guilty of accidents can expect a discount on OSAGO and KASKO in the extension of the policy. This “Izvestia” said the representatives of the largest insurance companies and experts. A price reduction may amount to 5-15%, while the “ideal scenario” – all 20%. Although the sector was in a difficult financial situation because of sharply reduced demand for products of voluntary insurance, to reduce the price in struggle for the client will still have. Some of the major players abroad already partially return the money for the months of inactivity. With insurance it is impossible due to legal restrictions, explained in the CBA. The only way to reward loyal customers “avtograzhdanki” is read out trouble-free driving during the renegotiation of the contract.

During the period of isolation of the accidents on the roads in Russia has decreased significantly, recognized representatives of insurance companies and analysts.

According to the head of management of retail business of “Ingosstrakh” Vitaly Knyaginichev, from March to may 2020 the company has noted the decrease in accidents. But now insurance cases again became more, he added. In “Zetta Insurance” also recorded fewer accidents in the last two months, said Director of business development “OSAGO and Green card,” Victor Plotnikov.

In the US and the UK, many insurers refund money to customers for the downtime period for personal transport, report Western media. Small payouts is?25 in England and about $50 in America, but in a crisis situation, when people have lost their jobs or income, and such compensation may be using.

In Russia to return part of the amount of insurance is impossible because it is not stipulated by the relevant law, explained the lawyer Bureau “of Bichenov and Partners” Angelique Reshetnikova. It preferences or compensation is not necessary, she added. The only thing the customer can claim is for the payment for unused days in case of early termination of insurance.

For compulsory types of insurance essential terms of the contract established at the level of the law, noted in a press-service of the Central Bank.

So, the insurance policy is concluded for one year, all the factors that influence the cost of the policy also now defined in the law.

The generosity of the insurance companies now do not expect for the reason that the CTP market is the most stable in this segment, while sales of voluntary products has practically stopped, said Angelique Reshetnikova from the “Bisenov and Partners.”

However in struggle for the client of the insurance company can go to reduce the price of “autocitizen” in the extension of the policy, given that many two months not driving, commented the analyst of “Finam” Alexey Korenev. In each case, the decision will be made on the basis of driving experience and accident rate of the client, he added.

Now companies must take into account the accident rate it is for insurance, reported in the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI). The coefficient “bonus-Malus” implies a discount for lack of road accident is the fault of the driver. Probably due to two months of inactivity the number of customers will increase and they will be able to claim it, said, RAMI.

In the opinion of the representative it is information-analytical Agency “Alpari” Anna Bodrova, in the implementation of the optimistic scenario, and safety during isolation policy could be cheaper by 20%. But such a turn of insurance companies to the consumer especially should not count, she warned.

Reducing the cost of insurance can be 5-15% depending on the car, said the head of analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev. While the country has a regime of self-isolation, you can arrange insurance without a diagnostic card, but when the restrictions will be lifted, will have to pass inspection, he recalled. Likely, insurers will take into account the willingness of car owners to provide the documents and technical condition of the car, said Artem Deev.

In the segment of the hull to maneuver the insurers more, because it is governed mainly by conditions of the contract with the client.

Hull insurance covers not only damage the vehicle, but also the risk of theft and damage while parked, reminded managing Director for insurance ratings and investment companies “Expert RA” Alexey Yanin. Polis retains its meaning when machine is not in use, and also during the isolation, traffic did not disappear, he said.

Although the number of cases in the whole country during the regime of isolation decreased, increasing the average size of payments on the hull, said Deputy General Director of RESO-Garantia Igor Ivanov. In Moscow in April, it increased by 28%, additionally, the go up of parts, he added.

However, insurers are willing to give incentives for this type of insurance. “Alfa Insurance” is considering the possibility of recovering part of the premium for hull, said the press service. Insurance platform Mafin from April until the end of may, gave all the customers on the hull two months – a policy issued for 14 months, said the Deputy General Director Elena perfilyeva.

“Ingosstrakh” until June 15 compensates for part of the cost of hull insurance with loyalty points which you can later use while purchasing a new policy, said Vitaly Knyaginichev.

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