After the loss of a child 61-year-old Alec Baldwin announced his wife’s pregnancy

После потери ребенка 61-летний Алек Болдуин заявил о беременности жены

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin in ‘ 61 prepares for the sixth time to become a father. His wife Hilaria, which in the spring had a miscarriage, pregnant.

The news the star the couple has shared in social networks. 35-year-old Hilaria hurry to show the fans rounded belly and admitted that incredibly happy.

“When you have many children, 6 minutes similar to 6 months of pregnancy,” said Hilaria Baldwin in a note.

As you know, the wife of Alec Baldwin is very hard, has experienced the loss of an unborn child. After examination, the doctors said that the chances of survival of the baby is very little. So the daily Hilaria and Alec Baldwin was in anticipation of miscarriage.

We took a big risk… this time when I opened my heart for another child, he or she didn’t stay for long. We all have a purpose in life, and I believe, my baby left joy in his short life,
– emotionally told the wife of Baldwin.

Now Hilary feels well and is enjoying her fifth pregnancy. According to the wife of Alec Baldwin, the message she posted, not only to boast of news about the upcoming addition to the family, but also to support all the women who also lost a child before birth.

“As I said many times: this experience is not about me and my story, it’s about, perhaps, about you or about someone you know who has experienced loss” – said earlier, Hilaria Baldwin.

Who’s Alec Baldwin?Hollywood actor, starring in dozens of films. His most famous works are “the Juror”, “Prelude to a kiss”, “pearl Harbor”, “30 rock”, “Jasmine”. Until 2002, Alec Baldwin was married to actress Kim Basinger, which has the adult daughter. In 2012, celebrity has formalised relationships with our coach and yoga Hilaria Thomas. The couple has 4 children and is preparing for the birth of the fifth.