After the success of Fortnite, Epic Games employees caught a wave.

После успеха Fortnite сотрудников Epic Games настигла волна переработок

Processing, or zamorski crunchy, have long become a serious problem in the gaming industry. For them to criticize such well-known companies like Rockstar Games, Telltale Games, Quantic Dream and CD Projekt RED, and more recently to the hit list joined in and Epic Games.

Polygon spoke with many current and former employees of the Studio and those who worked with her on the contract. They painted a far from flattering picture of their experience: many of them regularly worked 70 hours a week, and some 100.

“I worked at least twelve hours a day, seven days a week at least four or five months, – complains one of the sources. – Often had to stay at work until three or four in the morning”.

Another man told the website that he knew of several employees of Epicwho refused to work on weekends, and then was dismissed when the deadline was missed. Contract personnel understand that if they refuse to work overtime, their contracts will not be renewed at the end of their term of office. Managers either ignored complaints of excessive working hours, or threatened to fire those who openly complains about it.

The main culprit craney was Fortnite. Apparently, the success of the battle Royal was for developers by surprise. Employee of customer service Department told Polygon that the number of questions from players and reports of problems increased from 20-40 to 3 thousand a day.

The representative of Epic said that since the launch of Fortnite , the company has doubled the number of staff. In addition, it hired a third-party Studio to mitigate the workload, and established several working groups in parallel to distribute the load between them.

However, according to the sources, difficulties with the management of live service games, and also preparation and training of such a large number of people in a short period of time. Developers are required to respond to problems immediately, so if Fortnite, for example, “break” a weapon, it cannot simply be removed from the game until the next patch needs to fix it, leaving the rest of the case.

“People are very hard at work on Fortnite and other projects Epic – says a company representative. – An extreme situation, such as 100-hour working week, an incredibly rare, and in these cases, we strive to immediately correct them to avoid repetition”.

После успеха Fortnite сотрудников Epic Games настигла волна переработок

После успеха Fortnite сотрудников Epic Games настигла волна переработок