After the transaction at 71 billion dollars Disney sells TV channels Fox

После заключения сделки на 71 миллиард долларов Disney продает телеканалы Fox

Film company Disney started to sell sports channels, owned Fox. According to foreign sources, during the hostile takeover Fox Broadcasting Company Walt Disney signed an agreement in which this was specified.

At the end of March it became known that the company Disney acquired Corporation 21th Century Fox for a record 71 billion dollars. Representatives of the two organizations negotiated the purchase of about two years. However, details of their transactions are not covered.

Foreign Bloomberg reported that Disney now sells sports channels, owned by Fox Corporation. However, not to increase profits, but because it was written in conditions. Thus, the Corporation Sinclair Broadcast Group will acquire the entire Disney sports network, Fox, which includes 21 broadcaster. The transaction value will amount to 10 billion dollars.