AFU opened fire on the officer Donetsk filtering station

ВСУ открыли стрельбу по сотруднику Донецкой фильтровальной станции

Ukrainian military opened fire on the officer of the Donetsk filtering station, which is in line of sight of the positions of the APU.

“Today at 11:30 armed formations opened fire from infantry weapons on the employee of the Donetsk filtering station, which at this point was on areas near the chlorination plant on the North side.

Hearing the gunshots and the whistle of bullets, the station officer fell to the ground and hid behind the curb. After the shooting left the scene and returned to the shop. Fortunately, the employee was not injured”, – stated in the message.

The Department also noted that despite the data of the Ukrainian party of a written assurance on compliance with sustainable ceasefire for the safe passage of personnel and cargo movement in the area of DFS, the Ukrainian army continues to deliberately endanger the lives of employees working therein.