Again a scandal. The MP was transferred to the NEB documents about corruption Ermak and Tishchenko

Опять скандал. Нардеп передал в НАБУ документы о коррупции Ермака и Тищенко

MP from the “public Servants” geo Leros said that handed over to the NABU information showing the corruption of the head of the office of the President Andriy Yermak, his godfather the people’s Deputy Nikolay Tishchenko and ex-Deputy of the Kyiv city Council Denis Komarnicki.

This MP told reporters near NABOO, and also on its Facebook page.

“NABU has received very resonant information that will open our eyes and show ugly behind the scenes politics, when the government, the opposition and just bandits, come together to organize oborudo corruption in the capital.

The main character and organizer of the schemes – Denis komarnicki, its roof the people’s Deputy Nikolay Tishchenko and his brother-in-Ermak, which he wears boxes on Bank of auto Komarnicki, her executors, deputies, officials, relatives and friends.

Since 2008, komarnicki – member city Council, co-Chairman of the faction “Leonid Chernovetsky’s Block”, which came thanks to son-in-law of mayor Leonid Chernovetsky Suprunenko.

For example, komarnicki, as head of the Supervisory Board “Kievgorstroy”, became a major shareholder of “Kyivmiskbud”, enter a share package for itself. In 2009, 80% of the shares of this holding was in the hands of a little-known company “New region”, which is associated with the name of Vyacheslav Suprunenko.

In may 2011, Prosecutor General Pshonka released Komarnicki from prison, for that the latter had to return to the city the assets of “Kievgorstroy”. Convicted of raider capture of the enterprise “glow” and for armed actions against the lawyer of the victims.

Denis Komarnitsky works in the capital, not only through the utility. In 2016 the company “EKO-BUD-TRADE”, which the ultimate beneficiaries are komarnicki, the driver and Mikitas, through frontman won the tender for the construction of the Podolsko resurrection of the bridge. The management of this enterprise have the attitude of the sister of MP Tishchenko Yulia and her husband Herman of pancakes.

That is why the MP Tishchenko so bravely fought at the end of last year for the return of billions of dollars in compensation from the State budget for the Podolsky-Voskresensky bridge, which builds the company “EKO-BUD-TRADE.”

Komarnicki together with Alla Shlapak were leaders of the election headquarters of Nikolai Tischenko in 2019.

The company is the installation, does not have its building facilities and staff, attracts all of the subcontractors with the obligatory “back”.

In the period from 01.08.2019 for 30.04.2020 on the enterprise from the municipal budget transferred to 1 billion 167 million UAH.

According to available information from subcontractors for the same period were collected 318 million UAH “black money”.

So, October 31, 2019 investigators raided the office of Denis Komarnicki, located in the Museum street, 2-B.

The commandos had to break the door, then the room showed traces of a hasty document destruction, you’ve all seen the footage.

After the arrival of Ermak all things hushed, and komarnicki became a full-fledged “looking” in the capital.

Here is a list of companies through which he works.


OOO “adamant”invest

LLC “Center of development of economy and the right”

PJSC “Ukrainian scientific-research Institute for analytical instrumentation”

OOO “Varda”

OOO “Form”

OOO “Skybed”

OOO “Design company “ukrbud”

Now komarnicki oversees the construction industry, land, architecture, medicine, and energy industries.

Denis Komarnitsky works in tight conjunction with Sergey Kucher.

Kuchar still manages EXTINGUISH, spreading there the entrusted persons, permanent guest of the President’s Office.

It Kucera called the author of the famous scheme of ” $ 5 per square meter,” where people have to pay more for the apartment.

Tell me, you’d want to look at the computer looking for Kiev?

You will have the opportunity, I was transferred to NABOO and Bigus info presumably a copy of the computer Komarnicki, where everything that I say is documented. Statements, diagrams, dogovornyak, conceptual corrupt agreement, shady streams, and sharing.

It is tens of gigabytes and thousands of documents.

For starters make every one of the 50 documents Komarnicki at the state enterprise “Ukrainian Studio of chronicle-documentary films”, maybe especially was surprised at who was behind the theft of the Studio, and it became clear to me why so fussed Tishchenko on this issue in our Committee,” wrote Leros.

This document here.

Опять скандал. Нардеп передал в НАБУ документы о коррупции Ермака и Тищенко

Опять скандал. Нардеп передал в НАБУ документы о коррупции Ермака и Тищенко