Again discusses All Krivoy Rog: Poison whether in Krivoy Rog dogs? What does the dead dog on the Pioneer?

Снова обсуждает Весь Кривой Рог: Травят ли в Кривом Роге собак? От чего умерла собака на Пионере?

In social networks again reported “poisoning dogs”. This time the incident recorded on Pioneer, left without a mom 5 puppies trying to get through the same social network

Periodically, the social networks appear to claim that in Krivoy Rog poisoned by stray dogs. Recently reported the deaths of several animals on Dzerzhinka.

Remember, such actions are not only immoral, is not humane, but also illegal and punishable by up to imprisonment.

It is also necessary to state that the streets are teeming with stray dogs, and the recently launched Center for the treatment of animals unable to cope with alyamama work.

For 2018 sterilized and released “natural habitat” of about 700 dogs.

And in Krivoy Rog 2 years ago counted more than 7000.

With this approach to solving the problem it will be like a perpetual motion machine – yet a smaller part of the animal is sterilized, most of the time to give birth nechiporovich puppies.