Against the rules: electricl Tacita T-Cruise Turismo

Против правил: электроцикл Tacita T-Cruise Turismo

In most cases, electric motorcycles made in the form of high performance or sport motorcycles, urban bikes or dual-sports. Tacita T-Cruise Turismo 2020 breaks stereotypes, as is baghera with the capacity to fly the distance. Consider what is so special about electrocrusade Italian production.

Tacita T-Cruise Turismo is designed to ensure the comfort of the rider as himself, and with a passenger. The bike is quite playful and fast. Cases of eco-leather (pictured) are optional. The saddle is made of the same material.

Tacita T-Cruise Turismo 2020 can be equipped with four motors PMAC second generation to choose from. Power ranges from 14.7 HP, comfortable for the city to 59 HP for the highway. Torque from 60 to 105 Nm. Four modes are available for each engine: Power, Touring, Eco, and Eco+.

Electrocycle is equipped with a five-speed transmission, which helps avoid overheating, increase maximum speed and reduce power consumption.

You can choose from three different package battery: 9 kW*h (reserve 113 km) to 27 kWh (322 km). From the motor, it seems that the reserve is not affected, although it’s weird. The battery pack provides 2,000 recharges.

Interesting: regenerative braking with four options, adjustable footrests.

Approximate prices:

  • the motor 44 kW / batteries 27 kWh: $30,990
  • the motor 27 kW / batteries 27 kWh: $27,990
  • the motor 44 kW / batteries 18 kWh: $21,990
  • the motor 27 kW / batteries 18 kWh: $18,990
  • the motor 27 kW / batteries 9 kWh: $13,990