Against two-time Olympic champion Russian Ustyugov opened a case because of doping

The international biathlon Union (IBU) has opened a new doping case against Russian biathlete Evgeny Ustyugov. The athlete decided to file a countersuit against IBU.

The investigation into the Affairs of Ustyugov and Svetlana Sleptsova started in August 2018 concurrently with the deeds of Alexander Pechenkina and Alexander Chernyshov, who later was disqualified for 4 years. In December 2019, it became known that the IBU is continuing the investigation into the Affairs of Ustyugov and Sleptsova. According to the journalist, Hyo Seppelt, these about these athletes have been changed in the database of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory.

Who is Evgeny Ustyugov
Champion and bronze medalist of Olympic games 2010, Olympic champion of Sochi-2014 in the relay, two-time silver medalist of the world Championships.

IBU started a new investigation against Ustyugov on the basis of his biological passport. This investigation was carried out in 2017 and 2018. In the biathlon Union explained the details of this investigation.

“To avoid painful speculation of an independent body to combat negative phenomena in biathlon (BUI) confirms that he is accused of Ustyugov in a possible violation of the IBU anti-Doping rules (use of a prohibited substance or method) due to abnormalities in his biological passport in the period from January 2010 to February 2014. The athlete no longer participates in competitions. According to the anti-doping rules of the IBU, the prosecution will consider an independent court,” – said in a statement.

He Ustyugov decided to sue the IBU in the Supreme court of Austria, because the headquarters of the organization located in Salzburg. This is the first time he’s suing in civil court, not court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.