Age of dogs in human years: scientists have created a formula for calculating based on DNA

Возраст собак в "человеческих" годах: ученые создали формулу подсчета на основе ДНК

In the first year of life, dogs age faster than people, but then the process slows down.

Scientists have created a chart based on the new formula, which indicates the age of the dog in “human years”. They claim that their work is published in the journal Cell Systems, debunks a common myth that one dog year equals seven human.

According to Newsweek, the new formula is based Yes the data about the phenomenon, which is called DNA methylation. Methyl groups are compounds that consist of carbohydrates that are attached to DNA. They serve as signals, which include the genes or Vice versa. Level process known as DNA methylation, changes with age.

Scientists have traced changes in the process for people and dogs. Based on these data, they made up the so-called epigenetic clock that determines your biological age based on how genes behave. The researchers took blood samples from 104 Labrador retrievers ranging in age from one month to 16 years and followed their genetic changes. Then they compared the data with those collected from samples of 320 people aged from 1 to 103 years.

The greatest similarity, scientists have discovered DNA methylation in young dogs and young people, and also very old animals and humans. There was a strong correlation between DNA methylation in each species and different stages of life.

But if dogs age faster than humans, early in life, physiological changes occur in the same sequence, but at different points over the lifetime of each species. For example, a puppy that is 8 weeks that can compare with a 9-month old baby. Because at this age both appear teeth. A 12-year-old dog can be compared with the 70-year-old man.

“It makes sense, if you think that a 9 month old dog can give birth to puppies. Therefore, we can say that a ratio of 1:7 is not working,” said study co-author Professor Trey Ideker.

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