Aggressive man “rushed” to people with a grenade in his pocket

Агрессивный мужчина «бросался» на людей с гранатой в кармане

The attacker was drunk.

The incident occurred on the morning of 10 November in Camenca. Reportedly, in the yard drunk 27-the summer man began to harass people. So, unknown displayed violent behaviour, and using obscene language.

To a scene there arrived militiamen. They searched the man, resulting in a jacket pocket, found an improvised explosive device – “chataku”. The device consists of a housing “VOG-17” and fuse “uzrgm-2”. The grenade was seized and sent for examination. Note that the man had previously been convicted.

The criminal proceedings are opened as regards 1 article 263 of the Criminal code of Ukraine – illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives. All the details of the incident are established.

Source: Patrol police Dnipropetrovsk region

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