Agreement between Poroshenko and Medvedchuk: is it possible to deny the license, the channel 112 is

Договоренности между Порошенко и Медведчуком: можно ли лишить лицензии 112 канал

Whether to deny a license, Pro-Russian TV channels, why Medvedchuk became the owner of “112 channel” and agreement between the fifth President Petro Poroshenko and the godfather Putin Medvedchuk – the program “What it was” Sergei Leshchenko and Eugenia Motoristas said a member of the national Council on television and radio Oleg Chernysh.

Why Medvedchuk became the owner of “112”?

– Buy “112” wanted the scandalous people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko and Makar Pasenyuk, who is known as the financier Poroshenko. But the owner was Putin’s godfather Victor Medvedchuk.

It says that between those who wanted to buy the “112” and to those who bought was some agreement. I can only assume.

– After the acquisition “112” Medvedchuk, we had the opportunity to deny the license – just don’t pursue it at the time of expiration of the previous license. Don’t know how voted by my colleagues, but the opportunity was.

In 2014, when Ukraine is actively countering the channels that were carrying the Russian propaganda, “112” sanctions were imposed. In particular, the violation of the program concept, that is, instead of the entertainment channel, he became the information. It was illegal because they had to first solve the issue of changing format with the national Council.

Why “112” extended license?

– According to the law on television and radio broadcasting” the national Council should make the decision about renewing or not renewing the license for 60 days prior to expiration. In 2018, the national Council considered the question of the channel “1+1” about not to extend their license for digital broadcasting. Then there was quite a public outcry, but this noise just forgot about the companies that broadcast “channel 112”.

– The national Council had to make a decision until July 19, 2018. Then we held three meetings: on 11, 12 and 19 July. And if then the decision was made, no problems now would not exist.

Then there is a very interesting letter “for official use only” that contains a special stamp prohibiting its public dissemination. I didn’t say at the time about it, so now I can tell. I met him in the office of our Chairman Yuri Artemenko, and the letter from the SBU. Here is a very interesting story, because the first letter, kotoraya read that again recommended to refrain from taking decisions “112 channel”,

– said Blackie.

– When he wanted to look again at this letter DSP (“For official use” – 24 channel), it was not. It accidentally appeared, it disappeared. There was a request from the people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem regarding this letter, but the national Parliament has shown him quite another.

But in January of 2019 a letter dated June or July 2018, which are registered in the National Council. However, other content, where the SBU asks not to renew the license. Occurred manipulation.

Is it possible to attract “112” accountable

A Pro – Russian rhetoric, we cannot attract the “112” to justice, because in his work any channel sometimes is breaking the law. We can apply sanctions only in relation to specific violations of the current legislation.

– TV channel NewsOne and “112” we monitored constantly, and at almost every meeting of the national Council discussed the issue of applying sanctions. If it was the desire of the President, then the license these channels would not continue.

Agreement between Poroshenko and Medvedchuk

Eventually we stopped to watch these channels, so they were more loyal to Petro Poroshenko. I saw how the rhetoric has changed channels – first criticized all the power, then the summer of 2018 Poroshenko was beyond criticism. I really don’t like the situation when people wear Ukrainian embroidered shirts etc, while they themselves contributed to the formation of information holding.

– Concerning teleconference between NewsOne and 24, the party “European solidarity” was one of the first declared their opposition to it. I believe this was the so-called pitfall, which was to disturb society. Maybe it was an agreement between Poroshenko and Medvedchuk.

– A wave of new appointments at the end of the cadence Poroshenko was implemented to save more influence after the presidency.

Are there fines on TV channels? It often happens that the national Council applies sanctions to the media, and the channel goes to court, which should finally solve this issue. The penalties actually applied not often, because most companies operate within the law. In addition, many decisions are appealed in the courts, or issued in favor of the TV channels.

Договоренности между Порошенко и Медведчуком: можно ли лишить лицензии 112 канал