Ahead of Russia: what is called in Europe the United States military

Опередить Россию: зачем в Европе зовут военных США

Poland is with US negotiations on the establishment on Polish territory of the military base, which probably will be called “Fort trump.” About why Poland took such a framework, “Apostrophe” said Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer.

American military base Poland needs to not rely only on troop movements – the plan, approved during their summer summit in Brussels. Very soon in Brussels, defence Ministers of NATO countries will turn into the full reality of this plan “30+30+30+30” (Four thirties, or “Four thirty” – “Apostrophe”), according to which 30 battalions, 30 battleships, 30 squadrons of 30 days should be nominated. But the problem in 30 days…

Of course, the squadron can fly faster, but the battalions – hardly. They are not only American – there are different there. 30 battalions – about four divisions. To not only rely on the plans of extension, which, of course, the Western allies will be slower than Russia, it would be good to have some serious forces near the line of confrontation. As during the cold war, when two powerful groups – the Russian more American smaller, but also very high – standing in the center aisle.

The poles themselves are going to deploy a division somewhere in Eastern Poland, because they inherited from the Soviet era structure of the armed forces, focused on war in the West. While there, in the East, on the bug (in Poland called the river Western bug – “Apostrophe”), pretty empty, actually. Now, when there is the institutionalization of conflict in Europe, probably will be scheduled and some sort of direct confrontation, as during the first cold war.

Probably some kind of a division of the poles gather. Armored, apparently. But do the Americans or the Germans the whole division in Poland – for me, the question is still unclear. The complete location is the refusal of the Charter of the NATO-Russia that there will be no permanent placement. Now the forces that are put forward from 2014 on the Eastern flank of NATO, technically are temporary because there is a rotation once a year. That is, until the Charter is not formally violated. When it is broken – it is a bit different.

Then there is the institutionalization of the existing confrontation – that it will be not temporary, but permanent. Of course, it is better to have some advanced strength and not rely on the mobilization and advancement. Placement should be closer to the front line, because now the throughput of European roads is limited, especially there is always public transportation, which is still unclear, whether to give way to the military.

And the name of the database is justified by the desire that I liked the idea of Trump and he agreed. In Poland believe that trump is an idiot who should be right flatter. Idiot or not, I don’t know, but the fact that he should flatter, not hesitating, that’s for sure.