AI from scratch to recreate the game Pac-Man watching plays a different algorithm

ИИ с нуля воссоздал игру Pac-Man наблюдая как играет другой алгоритм

AI, who were engaged in the re-creation of the game, called GameGAN. This generative network, similar to those used to create realistic images of non-existent people.

The algorithm was trained watching 50 thousand gaming sessions other AI reports The Verge.

“It is as if the programmer is the person watched a lot of episodes of Pac-Man on YouTube, draw conclusions about the rules of the game and restored them” – say the developers of Nvidia.

Version of the game from AI want to release this summer, it will be able to play both people and algorithms. The creators GameGAN believe that in the future there will be artificial intelligence that can learn the laws of physics or the rules of driving, just watching the environment.