Air conditioning increases the risk of coronavirus epidemiologist

Кондиционер увеличивает риск заболевания коронавирусом - эпидемиолог

Air conditioners increase the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection. If the room is very hot and can do without them, then you need to open the window for ventilation. This was told by epidemiologist and expert in infection control Andrew Alexandrina, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

According to him, if the air conditioner still works, the window need to open for ventilation to the room did fresh air.

Air conditioning works on the principle of a recirculator. Most of them during work do not serve fresh air from outside. Moreover, air conditioners dry out the air, and thus create more risks for infectious germs, including, for Covid-19.

In addition Alexandrin added that cheap auto brands also dangerous to drive with air conditioning and closed the window.

If the car has climate control and air supply from the outside, then everything is fine.

The epidemiologist added that in any case the temperature in the car needs to change gradually.

“If in the street +30, and you got into the car, where the air is +20, that’s bad.The temperature should be reduced gradually. Therefore, air conditioners are better to use if you are traveling by car on long distances “, – concluded the expert.