Air France has introduced a business class on domestic flights

Air France ввела бизнес-класс на внутренних рейсах

Air France has introduced a business class on domestic flights that will run from February 4, 2020 from capital airports-Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in the French regions and in the opposite direction.

Inside, passengers will sit on the standard seats economy class, but they provide a number of additional services.

Tickets business class include increased baggage allowance – two suitcases weighing up to 32 kg each and hand Luggage of 18 kg.

At the airport passengers will be able to register and hand over baggage at the dedicated desks, through security via the priority line and to relax before departure at the Lounges of Air France or partner companies.

In flight on domestic routes, Air France will offer passengers business-class snacks, beverages, including wine, and baby wipes.

Available for booking three types of fares: Business Leisure, Business Flex, Business Abonn?. The first does not return, but allows you to make changes when you pay the fine of 70 euros. The second allows a refund and changes without penalty, and the third additionally permits to fly earlier or later flight.

Air France say that will be the only airline in France. which offers business class on domestic flights.