Air taxi Bell became the environmental and lost a few screws

Manufacturer of Bell helicopters presented at the exhibition CES 2020 is a new version of its promising project air taxi. Nexus 4EX now only four screws instead of six like in the first version. But it is interesting that in the original hybrid power plant has an operation mode from batteries.

Engineers Bell promised that a taxi will be long-range and environmental – at least while flying over the city center. According to the calculations of Bell, Nexus 4EX will carry 4-5 passengers plus the pilot at a distance of 100 km at a speed of about 240 km/h, according to the New Atlas.

For last year’s version, the creators called the number of the flight range more than 200 km Possible, the characteristics had to be reduced because of the need to reduce the cost of construction. Now Bell insist that their vision of the concept is not only safe, but also it is rational from an economic point of view.

Features Nexus 4EX

Hybrid installation consists of a gas turbine, a generator and batteries. The four screws can rotate in both hybrid mode and eat battery power.
How many minutes or miles of the flight is enough of a new environmental regime, in Bell did not specify.

The concept of a Bell Nexus remains the same, but we have adopted a thoughtful systematic approach to design, taking into account market realities and we believe that this configuration opens the way for the creation of a certificated and commercially viable product
– said the head of Bell Mitch Snyder.

Partnership Bell and Uber

Previously, Bell has partnered with Uber the project Elevate program for the development of new types of air transport, which is initiated by Uber. It is expected that the first “flying cars” from Texas manufacturer of helicopters, will be available to passengers in the middle of the 2020-ies.

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