Airborne assault troops have identified the best sniper pair

Десантно-штурмовые войска определили лучшую снайперскую пару

On the ground in the Zhytomyr region in the competition for the best sniper pair Airborne assault troops defeated the soldiers of the 79th brigade.

As reports UKRINFORM, this was Facebook according to the command of the Airborne troops of the armed forces.

“For several days in the Zhytomyr region on the basis of the 37th General ground DSV held a competition for the best sniper among a few military units of the Airborne troops of Sturmovik the Armed forces of Ukraine. The competition sniper pairs competed, who won, showing good results among the masters of ranged of their military units”, – is spoken in the message.

Following the contest, “gold” has won a pair of sniper 79-th separate airborne assault brigade, the silver – snipers 199-th training center of the Airborne assault forces of the armed forces, and the bronze – masters of ranged 81-th separate airmobile brigade.

It is noted that the winners will represent the Airborne assault troops in the competition for the best sniper pair of Armed forces of Ukraine.