AirPods 2 flopped in sales, Bitcoin over $9000 and tool definition Photoshop on photo: TOP news stories of the day

AirPods 2 провалились в продажах, Bitcoin дороже $9000 и инструмент для определения Photoshop на фото: ТОП новостей дня

In today’s world we could miss a lot only because it too is being actively developed. News is created every hour and every minute. But you are lucky because all the fun that you might have missed for today, Tech Informant gathered the TOP news from the world of technology.

Warning Broadcom for $ 2 billion shakes the global chip sector

Broadcom produced a shock wave in the global industry of chip manufacturing, has predicted that tensions in trade between the US and China, and a ban on doing business with Huawei Technologies, will knock $ 2 billion of sales this year. This forecast was the most compelling evidence of the harm that a trade war President Donald trump with Beijing could cause the global industry. Shares of Broadcom fell by 8.6%, destroying more than $ 9 billion from the market value of the company. This is mainly due to signs that the markets of mobile phones in some major economies increasingly saturated, while the demand in new areas, such as cars with automatic management and Internet products for the home and office, is still evolving. Broadcom, well known for its communications chips that provide Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connection in smartphones, is also a major supplier for Apple, as shares of the iPhone maker fell 1%.

XOXO closed its platform subscription before you run

In October last year, Kickstarter announced that it is ending its crowdfunding platform for subscribers (Drip), but plans to draft a successor with the creators of the festival XOXO Andy BAIO and Andy McMillan. Now this project has been closed, according to its creators. Unknown project-the successor to the Drip was designed to provide “financial stability and transparency for independent artists.” It was based on conversations with the founder of Kickstarter Perry Chen and Bayo, former technical Director of the Kickstarter, with the intention to transfer to it the makers of the Drip before you close it later. This year, Kickstarter has provided seed funding for the new platform, and BAIO and McMillan drew people to develop and manage the company, but explained that although the concept was a good idea, they “couldn’t find a way to make the business viable.” BAIO and McMillan noted that, in the end, they closed the project last month and will return the remaining initial funding on Kickstarter. Disable the Drip, it seems, is still on the path to success: they say they are going to help the creators left on the platform to the other.

AirPods 2 series is a failure for Apple?

3 months ago Apple introduced a new generation of headphones – 2 AirPods. What are they? Anything in excess other than in the first series. Yes, I increased the time during conversations with 2 to 3 hours. Yes, put a new chip D1, but everything else is the same headset that was. But the price shot up only due to the fact that they are new. That’s why sales of this product is not as great as I would like of Apple. Due to the large promotions and discounts on the first series, people willingly bought it. “Sales of new models turned out to be weaker than originally anticipated because of the controversial market” – analysts Counterpoint. Despite this, Apple remains the market leader of wireless headphones, occupying more than 50% of sales.

Bitcoin reached $9000 After a brief period of calm the Bitcoin began to rise again. Now for the virtual coin, this cryptocurrency is asking for more than $9200, and the price continues to rise. In recent times over $9000 worth of Bitcoin in may 2018. To predict what will happen to bitcoin next, it hardly makes sense, since different sources say completely different. But today, the highest price was the $9 374. According to analysts, bitcoin will be able to overcome the next psychological mark of $10 000 in July, or even this month. Amid growing grow Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For example, Ethereum is now estimated at 270 dollars for a virtual coin. This mark the last time the cryptocurrency took last fall, but the decline in prices. Photoshop Vice versa

The use of Photoshop and other programs for working with images for setting persons in the photos became a common practice, but it is not always clear when it was made. Researchers from Berkeley and Adobe have created a tool which not only can determine when it was done in photoshop, but also suggest how to cancel it. Immediately it should be noted that this project applies only to manipulation in Photoshop, and in particular to those made using the function “Face Aware Liquify”, which allows both the subtle and major adjustments to many facial features. To universal detection tool is still far, but this is only the beginning. Because it is limited to those modified by this tool Photoshop, don’t expect that this research will create a substantial barrier against the forces of evil, the lawless changing faces left and right there. But this is only one of the many small initiatives in the growing field of digital forensics. “We live in a world where it is increasingly difficult to trust the digital information that we consume, and I look forward to further exploring this area of research,” said Richard Zhang (Adobe), worked on the project.

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