AirPods dominates the market for wireless headphones. For how long?

AirPods доминирует на рынке беспроводных наушников. Надолго ли?

According to the research company Counterpoint Research, AirPods headphones dominates the market for wireless audio solutions. Last year, Apple managed to sell about 35 million AirPods is about 75% of the sales of the entire industry of wireless headphones. Without a doubt, an excellent result. But will the Cupertino-based company to maintain its leadership?

According to a survey conducted by Counterpoint Research, AirPods are not only the best selling wireless headphones, but also the most desirable among consumers. Today, a great demand for wireless solutions from the following companies (in descending order):

  1. Apple
  2. Sony
  3. Samsung
  4. Bose
  5. Beats
  6. Sennheiser
  7. Jabra

Most of the respondents who chose AirPods, say that they prefer the Apple headphones because of the convenience of their use. It is noteworthy that the sound quality when choosing AirPods stood on the last place. What can be said about solutions of the company Bose, for users of which the most important was it was the sound of the headphones.

According to experts, despite the fact that the AirPods are the most preferred headphones, other manufacturers are quite capable of slipping the Apple earphones with leadership positions. All you need is to provide a comparable user experience. Yet AirPods are out of reach, but with time the market will be more decisions, which not only provides instant connection and seamless performance, but also excellent sound quality.

According to analysts Counterpoint, the market of wireless headphones has huge potential. According to conservative forecasts, in 2020, the total number of sales of wireless headphones will increase by several times, reaching 129 million units per year.

AirPods доминирует на рынке беспроводных наушников. Надолго ли?

AirPods доминирует на рынке беспроводных наушников. Надолго ли?