Airship, Airlander 10 can make a fully electric

Гигантский дирижабль Airlander 10 могут сделать полностью электрическим

The largest aircraft in the world can get a fully electric powerplant.

Is Airlander 10 hybrid airship developed by British Hybrid Air Vehicles for the armed forces of the United States. Its length is 92 metres and a width of 43.5.

High price, ultimately led to the abandonment of the project, so the ship decided to convert for other tasks, including civilians.

Now Hybrid Air Vehicles has received a $ 1.4 million investment, involving the creation of a fully electric powertrain for the Airlander 10. Its capacity should be 500 kilowatts. It is expected that the project will take three years.

Talking about the prospects of the project will only be possible after the flight test of a new engine type on the Airlander 10. Note that the first flight of the airship made in 2016. In November 2017, the pod crashed in testing and suffered serious damage.