Akhmetov, Lyovochkin, Tigipko: business partner Manafort told his Ukrainian clients

Ахметов, Льовочкін, Тігіпко: діловий партнер Манафорта розповів про його українських клієнтів

According to gates, is also among the customers of the American political consultant was Victor Pinchuk, for whom Manafort has carried out a certain “legal project”

Borys Kolesnikov, Serhiy Lyovochkin, Rinat Akhmetov, Andriy Klyuev and Sergey Tigipko – the names of Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians heard in a us court. It is about the political consultant and ex-head of the election headquarters of Donald trump – Paul Manafort.

These names are called his former partner a Year gates and said that they paid a political consultant for “political services”. The testimony of gates results in the publication The Washington Post, reports “5 channel”.

Gates said that Ukrainian politicians were transferred through offshore companies in Cyprus. In General, it’s about 15 shell companies. After the escape of Viktor Yanukovych from Ukraine, Manafort during the year collaborated with the Opposition bloc, however, in the beginning of 2015 has stopped working.

Also, according to gates, one of the clients of Manafort was a Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk. Like the oligarch paid Manafort through Plymouth Consultants Limited for what he described as a “legal project”.

Judicial hearings on business of Paul Manafort began in the United States last week. The prokuroture accuses him of concealing about $60 million that he earned in Ukraine, and tax evasion. In addition, Manafort also appeared in the case of collusion between the staff of the current President of the United States and Russian officials during an election campaign trump in 2016. In the case of evidence of his guilt, Manufactu faces up to 30 years in prison. The suspect denies all charges.