Alain Shoptenko revealed the secret of the past: the miracle did not happen

Алена Шоптенко раскрыла секрет из прошлого: чуда не бывает

Alain Shoptenko shared fun memories from the past.

The famous Ukrainian dancer and choreographer Alain Shoptenko on the official page in Instagram I thought an interesting history associated with the dances.

“For anybody not a secret that in sports ballroom dancing during performances it is necessary to look tanned. And not just tanned, but very tanned??? And here I remembered one story from my athletic youth?”, – says Alain.

“When I was 14-15 years old and already you can “smear” to look bright on the floor, there was no means, that would not down while dancing and in costumes – not only his, but also a partner? Therefore, every girl wanted to find the darkest and best tan. Not only to have beautiful skin color, but also not to get up at 5 am before the tournament and not harmful to the body countless number of layers of tone in an attempt to achieve the desired effect. After tanning, you can just spread it on at night and Wake up with “chocolate” as everyone dreamed of?”, – said the choreographer.

According to dancers, the miracle itself does not happen, everything in life. Sometimes you have to do the job you don’t really want to do.

“But each morning when waking up, trembling, tear off the covers hoping to see a super tanned legs, alas, in the best case find that the tanning is just not apparent! Or at worst, manifested a strange yellowness or spots??? And then you still have to smear an infinite number of layers of makeup to “sunbathe”? So that’s what I am. In real life as well – the miracle is not always necessary to perform the unpleasant and routine work in order to achieve the desired result?”, – concluded the singer.