Alcohol and tobacco will eradicate prices: Expensive fuel will help solve the major social problems of Russia

Алкоголизм и табакокурение искоренят ценами: Дорогое топливо поможет решить основные социальные проблемы России

According to forecasts, cigarettes will rise in price almost on 5%, and rates on alcohol will raise up to 40% on addiction people have no money left.

From 1 to 20 January 2019 in Russia, the average price of AI-92 increased by 1.36% (+0,57 RUB/l), AI-95 – 1.39% (+0,62 RUB/l), diesel fuel – 1.51% (+0,70 RUB/l), summer – 1.41% (+0,62 RUB/l) – and this is assuming that all the oil companies patiently perform all the agreements about the freezing of fuel prices, operating at a loss. Such submission satisfied the interests of the government, so FAS don’t see the need to renew or revise the agreement, and therefore from the beginning of April prices will dictate the market. It is worth noting that the reluctance of the government to continue to constrain the nuclear power plant can be caused by some positive processes, which can be a result of the high cost of gasoline and diesel fuel.

According to the forecasts of the Central Bank of Russia, this year the excise increase on cigarettes will reach 9.1%, which will lead to the price rise on average by 4.6% and this will contribute to an annual inflation rate of less than 0.1 percentage point. Excise rates on alcoholic beverages have remained the same, but here the negative contribution made by foreign suppliers: major importers of wines and other spirits in Russia have raised the prices to 40%. Its decision the company explained the changes in the market: the rise in VAT to 20%, unstable exchange rate, the introduction of Podarochnoe accounting and most importantly – rising fuel prices. Higher prices would primarily affect alcohol low and average price level – because of the small demand, the prices for alcohol will remain at the same level. Although domestic producers have not suffered due to increasing costs in connection with the unstable situation in the country, it is obvious that they will not miss the opportunity, and after import suppliers also raise prices. Earlier for the same reasons rose milk, sausage, bread, fruits and vegetables, utilities. While wage growth in 2019 is projected to be only 6.1%.

The economic situation in the country is deplorable, because of the continuous growth of the prices people do not have enough money for basic needs and food, and the only available area include Hiking and watching TV. The pace the Russians will soon have to say goodbye to travelling, entertainment, dreams about your own house, a full and varied diet, but also to begin to reduce the cost of Smoking and drinking – harmful to indulge their whims can only wealthy citizens. It is not excluded that as a result of this maneuver in Russia still eradicate alcohol and tobacco – the prices.

Expensive fuel will help to quickly and effectively solve the major social problems of Russia: the rejection of bad habits will contribute to the improvement of the nation, and entails a lot of positive trends – life expectancy will increase, decrease morbidity, mortality, crime rate, divorce rate. We should not forget about the environment that will flourish in reduce exhaust emissions – it is obvious that the private car will be too expensive, and people will have to use the available alternatives.

Алкоголизм и табакокурение искоренят ценами: Дорогое топливо поможет решить основные социальные проблемы России

Алкоголизм и табакокурение искоренят ценами: Дорогое топливо поможет решить основные социальные проблемы России