Alcohol can protect against certain diseases

Алкоголь может защищать от некоторых заболеваний

Held in Germany, the study found that alcohol may protect against the development of certain diseases, in particular autoimmune. Scientists have found that it disables the function of inducing those disease cells.

As reported the scientific experts of the University of Erlangen (FAU) concluded that moderate amounts of alcohol can have positive effects on the body. Their press release called “Riesling for the immune system”, informs you that he is able to protect against autoimmune diseases by suppressing the excessive immune response leading to development.

A feature of these diseases is that the antibodies act against its own body cells – sometimes for as long as tissues are not completely destroyed. German researchers have found that alcohol has a specific effect on follicular T-helper cells – immune cells in lymph nodes and in inflammatory tissues, which cause typical disease autoimmune reaction.

“Apparently, follicular T-helper cells are sensitive to acetate, a breakdown product of alcohol. The impact inhibits their function, which is associated with the development of autoimmune disorders, e.g. multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis” – stated the scientists.

Their work became part of a larger project of the German center for immunotherapy (DZI) at the University hospital FAU (about it in detail wrote in the journal Nature). It also presents evidence that alcohol can have beneficial effects on functionally-limited immune system. Here is one of them: observation of patients who consumed some amount of alcohol or abstaining completely after a liver transplant showed that in the first case, the risk of rejection used on were significantly lower.

At the same time, experts noted that despite the identified protective property of alcohol, there is also the fact that alcohol has its negative effects. Additionally they emphasize the importance of adhering to moderation. According to Professor George Setta, daily maximum – this is the eighth part of a litre of wine or a quart of beer.